Where is the ULEZ zone?

  • The Ultra Low Emission Zone is expanding to cover almost all of the Greater London area from 29th August 2023.
  • Your car may be eligible to pay the ULEZ charge of £12.50 a day.
  • Check if your car is ULEZ compliant here.
  • All our electric bikes are exempt from ULEZ charging.

50 times cheaper

Did you know that 71% of all journeys in the UK are below 5 miles long? A 5 mile e-bike ride usually takes 20-25 min door to door; an energising, fast and fun way to get around.

Did you know that an e-bike costs just 3p per 10 miles to run? This is 50 times cheaper than the average car. (Source: Energy Saving Trust 2022)

How many of your weekly journeys are 5 miles or under? Are you ready to make all of them 50 times cheaper than driving?

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