MiRider GB3 Folding Electric Bike

Color: Silver
Sale price£2,495.00
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About the MiRider GB3


Now with gears!
This e-bike now has 3 gears which are neatly packaged in a 3-speed gearbox, avoiding the need for a derailleur. There's nothing wrong with a derailleur per se, but on a folding bike, a gear hanger can get perilously close to the ground, or can be a weak point when packing it into a car boot. The gearbox makes a neat solution. 

The three gears mean that you now have an 'uphill' gear, and one to help you accelerate. 


Less Maintenance
The belt drive is also a great upgrade. It makes the bike very quiet while reducing any drivetrain maintenance to the occasional cleaning. No lubrication necessary. 

We also like the large, central display. It's bright, easy to read and feels a little more upmarket than on the MiRider One. 


Feeling in Control
On the practical side, having hydraulic disc brakes is really nice. Coming downhill on a small bike can feel a little more vulnerable than when you're on a fullsize bike, but with these very good brakes, you do feel in total control. 

In terms of comfort, the GB3 keeps the suspension unit of the classic, MiRider One, while also having a Selle Royal saddle; pretty much the standard for comfort saddles these days. 


Summary: while it would be a much greater investment than the MiRider One, for longer rides over more varied terrain, it's an investment that would quickly pay off. 

Longer lead times for this product. Please contact us if you are interested in this bike. 



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