You won't want to hear this

Can we tell you something that you might not want to hear?

It is a bad idea to buy the cheapest e-bike you can for a beginner. There. We've said it.

We've had over a decade's experience of helping beginners to ride and we've found that when you skimp on quality, some e-bikes are too jerky, too rattly, have poor handling, and are not versatile enough to help new riders to build their confidence.

So while it kind of makes some sense to spend modestly if you're unsure about the rider's confidence, in actual fact, skimping on quality can make a beginner rider even more nervous.

However, there are better ways of helping a beginner with their e-biking journey...

E-bikes for Beginners - Confidence building bikes

There are many ways that an e-bike's design can help the beginner e-biker to gain some cycling confidence.

Some confidence-building features include:

- A small frame that lets you have your feet firmly on the ground when you're stopped

- A 'hill start' throttle/button, that can get your bike going at times when it is difficult to get going.

- A smooth, non-surging motor that gives you as much fine control as you need.

- A bike that is good off-road and on-road so you can build your riding confidence before you get on the roads.

Explore Beginner Friendly E-Bikes below

Easiest to get started with (literally)

This award-winning bike is low to the ground, has a comfortable seating position, is easy to get on and off, and features a 'hill start' throttle to get you going.

All of this makes it extremely easy to get going with, even on a hill. Just step through the frame to mount the bike, turn the throttle to get the wheels turning and then start pedalling. No awkward wobbling while you build up speed.

The 'torque version' of this e-bike won a Best Buy award from Which! Magazine in 2024.

Prices start at £1499

Learn More - Wisper 806

Keeping it super simple

Extremely light, low to the ground, and super simple to use. the MiRider One is a nice bike for a beginner. The bike uses just a single gear, so if you're not used to changing gears on a bike, you don't have to worry; simply use the e-assistance levels to find your sweet spot.

It's several kilos lighter than a regular e-bike so it won't feel too much to handle, even for a beginner.


Learn more - MiRider One

A motor that will never overpower you

Low to the ground, and with a motor that never 'surges' (or forces the bike forwards abruptly) the EBCO Street 3 is a fun little e-bike designed in the UK and suitable for beginner riders.

The smooth, non-aggressive power of the motor means you always feel in control and the bike never 'runs away' from you.

Even though the wheels a small, they have a good width which adds to the comfort an control of the ride.

On sale at £1999

Learn more - EBCO Street 3

Build your confidence away from roads first

One of our best selling e-bikes ever. The Yamaha motor is very powerful so you will never get stuck plus you can put it in automatic mode which lets the motor select the power assistance levels for you.

But the main benefit to beginners is that this trekking e-bike is fantastic to ride off-road and away from traffic.

Start by building your cycling confidence away from the roads, and then when you're ready, begin riding on the roads with this same bike, as its smooth tyres and 'commute ready' set up make for a great urban ride.


Learn more - Haibike Trekking 4 Sand

Extra Comfort To Take Away Nerves

What makes this bike a great choice for a beginner is that it's so comfortable. The handlebars sweep back and the riding position is upright, which makes it more comfy but also easier to look around and get your bearings. The wide, deep tyres also soak up bumps in the road, which can often cause nervous riders a bit of stress.

The bike also uses an SL, or super light, frame so it won't feel too heavy to handle either.


Learn more - Specialized Turbo Como SL 4.0

Take an accompanied Test-Ride

Try any of these bikes at your nearest Energise E-bikes showroom. A member of our team will go out riding with you on a quiet road so help and advice is always within reach while you ride. It's best to contact us first to check stock availability and to schedule an appointment. Hope to see you soon.