Built to order just for you

The Advanced e-bike range is built to order for you in Germany.

You come in and test-ride an Advanced demonstrator model and then select the colour and specification that you want on your final bike.

Your bike is then manufactured to your requirements in Germany and in six to eight weeks, you will be riding an electric bike that was built just for you.

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WATCH: A day with RECO by Advanced

Advanced - Advancing Quality, Advancing Design

Advanced was founded in 2011 and was the first German e-bike brand to specialise entirely in electric bikes. This focus has honed their expertise to create truly innovative e-bikes including a range of models which are completely recyclable.

We are excited by the Offroad Gravel bike (below) which features the lightweight Bosch SX motor which pushes the lightweight e-bike category another leap forward.

Video: Advanced Gravel e-Bikes

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Kind to Our Planet

Advanced is no green-washer. It is a company that is truly committed to sustainability.

In 2022, it introduced the RECO bicycle (below) made of recycled materials reclaimed from the car industry, which can then be 100% recycled at the end of its lifecycle.

Manufacturing RECO frames reduces 68% of the CO2 when compared to manufacturing aluminium frames in Asia.

Advanced is also on the way to being carbon neutral buy 2025, making it the first e-bike brand to achieve that goal.

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