Cycle-To-Work Vouchers

Purchasing an electric bike via cycle-to-work voucher is easy, and can make you a big saving.

We've summarised the process for you in the group chat image here.

The employer acquires the e-bike on behalf of the employee. The employee then makes payments towards the bike directly from the salary before income tax is deducted. This means your tax bill is lowered, saving you money.

When you're ready to start your cycle-to-work process, visit your nearest store.

Need to set up a voucher scheme? Start here.

Please note that you cannot use cycle-to-work vouchers to buy pre-owned bikes.

Vouchers We Accept

Green Commute Initiative

We accept Green Commute Initiative (GCI) vouchers. GCI is a fantastic social enterprise based in London who have made the process of getting bike vouchers super simple.

EMPLOYERS: If you are a small to medium business with under 1000 employees (or you expect low take up) the 'Instant GCI' scheme will be best for you: Instant GCI

More about GCI

With no limit this is a very popular option that many of our customers have used to get the right e-bike. Also open to you if you are self-employed and pay yourself a wage.

CycleScheme is the UK's largest cycle-to-work voucher provider.

If you are applying for a voucher via CycleScheme, you will find us under our registered company name: Cycling Made Easy Ltd.

Cycle-to-work vouchers can only be used on full priced bikes. It is also not possible to use vouchers on top of retail finance. Other payment options can be found here.

We may charge an admin fee on transactions involving vouchers as these schemes involve large costs to our small business. Please speak to a member of staff for details.

See how much you could save below. We do not store this information.

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