Haibike - Electric Bike Pioneers

Haibike were the first brand to really take electric bikes seriously as a bike category in their own right, as opposed to merely adding on a battery to an existing bike design.

Their electric mountain bikes pushed e-bike technology and design much further than anyone else and the German-brand racked up awards left, right and centre.

We've always thought that with Haibike you get a lot of bang for your buck. The components - such as Bosch or Yamaha motors - are usually the best you'll get for any given price point.

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Customer Favourites: Haibike Trekking E-bikes

Whenever anyone asks what our best-selling bikes are, we will often say it's the Haibike Trekking e-bikes.

These versatile e-bikes have powerful motors, wide tyres and come fully equipped with lights, mudguards, kickstand and rear rack. In short, they can go off-road and on road.

For the type of riding that our customers love - riding in the New Forest, or over the South London Downs National Nature Reserve - these are the perfect choice.

(Pictured: Haibike Trekking 4 Sand)

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