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130 Years of Cycling Excellence

We love the Gazelle electric bike range for the superb combination of comfort and impeccable engineering.

The Dutch manufacturer is the biggest bicycle brand in the Netherlands - the cycling capital of the world - and one look at their e-bikes tells you why they have earned their full title 'Royal Dutch Gazelle'.

For commuters who want to get to work in comfort, or leisure riders who want to feel energised yet relaxed at the end of a long ride, check out these beautiful e-bikes.

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Why we love Gazelle e-bikes...

VIDEO: Take a look inside Gazelle headquarters

Innovation, passion and cycling heritage combine at Gazelle headquarters.

Gazelle are on a mission to make bikes that are so good that you want to ride all the time.

Take a trip to the Netherlands and see what makes this historic band tick.

WATCH: About Gazelle

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