E-bike of the Year 2023 - Road.cc

Award-winning cycling website Road.cc has announced its top ten electric bikes of the year and it features some of our favourites too.

The winner of the Road.cc E-bike of the Year is the MiRider GB3 folding electric bike. 

They said, "Over moderately hilly terrain we got over 35 miles from the small 252Wh battery when ridden mainly in the lower power levels and without using the throttle to give a power boost up the steeper sections. This meant a decent amount of moderate exercise.[...] Impressive hill climbing and impressive range make this a great all-round performer for shorter commutes and leisure rides".

We would certainly agree here. The MiRider GB3, and its stablemate the MiRider One, are very comfortable rides even though small wheeled bikes are not known for that. 


Welcome features
The belt drive is a nice addition to the GB3, and we're seeing more belt drives coming to electric bikes (like the Gazelle Ultimate). They are essentially no maintenance, and cleaning it is much easier than a chain. It also allows e-bikes to be a lot quieter than they used to be. 

The MiRider One is a single speed bike, but the GB3 has a three-speed hub, so you can get a lot more acceleration on the flat. For riding with traffic, this gives you confidence that you can keep up a nice cruising speed.


For long rides?
We certainly have customers who use their MiRiders for rides of 20 miles or more but most of our MiRider customers will use their MiRider as a 'last mile' e-bike; getting down to the train station, cycling instead of using the Tube when in central London, putting the bike in the boot and driving to a traffic-free cycle route.   


Also on the list...
The Tern Quick Haul also makes the list. The Quick Haul is a lovely little bike to make your journeys in town as easy as possible. A long rack means you can take a passenger or lots of shopping (or even your tools if you're a tradesperson). 

You may have heard about the Tern GSD, the big brother of the Quick Haul, but the GSD will be too big for some homes. The Quick Haul offers a great alternative for modern urban living. 


See the full list on the Road.cc website