Staff Favourite |  Scientia Saddle

At the beginning of last year, team member Neil, who has been with Energise E-bikes since 2014, fitted his Specialized Vado SL e-bike with a Scientia M3 saddle. The saddles have since become our best-selling saddle range and come in a variety of shapes and widths to accommodate all styles and sizes of rider. 

Neil says, "One of the biggest benefits that I found immediately with the Scientia was that it allowed my weight to go down through my sit bones, which in turn stopped me from moving around so much in the saddle, and freed up the weight in my legs. I feel very stable, and can fine-tune my pedalling at different speeds much more easily. It's been an easy way to upgrade my e-bike."

It's not just the fact that it's a gel saddle that makes the Scientia's comfortable and functional. There are several types of contouring used on them which are designed to alleviate pressure and to allow for some 'suspension' for even more comfort. See the individual product pages for more. 


Which Scientia? Match the Saddle to the Riding Posture

If you are riding a sporty bike where you sit leaning forward in an aerodynamic position (approx 45 degrees from flat), look at the Scientia Athletic saddles:

Scientia A1 (narrowest)

Scientia A2 

Scientia A3 (widest)


If you ride a trekking bike, or hybrid style bike (somewhere forward of completely upright), look at the Scientia Moderate saddles:

Scientia M1 (narrowest)

Scientia M2 (Sold out)

Scientia M3 (widest)


If you ride a stepthrough bike, where you would sit completely upright, look at the Scientia Relaxed saddles:

Scientia R1 (narrowest)

Scientia R2

Scientia R3 (widest) (Sold out)


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