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Hardtail Electric Bikes

A hardtail electric mountain bike (an e-MTB with front suspension but not rear) is a versatile beast. Happy on the trails and singletrack thanks to a sporty motor, but also a workhorse on the road, a hardtail electric MTB can be your commuter vehicle Monday to Friday, and your weekend trail-shredder.

Our Favourite Hardtail Electric Mountain Bike brands

Haibike - By far and away our best-selling electric hardtail brand, Haibike deliver great value for money season after season with these bikes. Usually featuring the Yamaha brand, and the award-winning Haibike frame design the HardSeven models feel dynamic, energetic and are fun to use on the road and trail. These are bikes that are built to be tough where it counts. 

Focus  - These impressed us with their innovative in-frame battery designs, and the way that they managed to slim down the frame of their electric hardtails. E-MTB riding is all about agility and the Focus hardtails are engineered to give you more of that. The Jarifa2 models are a customer favourite, with many of the first wave of Jarifa2 e-bikes still out there shredding the trails. 

***Free 3 Year Servicing*** 

All electric bikes supplied by us come with
FREE three years servicing worth £80 a year.

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