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VIDEO: Your Day. Your Everywhere!

A quick detour to a place where the air is fresh, where the breeze rustles through the trees and where you can see soil, not concrete: does that sound nice?

E-bikes that can get you across town on time, but also take you on an unplanned rides away from traffic and back into nature, that's what Kalkhoff specialise in.

It's about embracing the world around you, whether urban or rural. It's all there to be enjoyed by e-bike.

WATCH: Your day. Your everywhere!

Pure Freedom since 1919

Kalkhoff are masters at creating e-bikes that stand up to the pressures of being ridden every day. You won't find flimsy frames, rattling parts or sub-par engineering on these German-built machines.

Are they trekking bikes, commuter bikes or are they both? The impressive thing about a Kalkhoff bike is their rideability over all sorts of terrain. There's a saying in cycling: "Bikes give you views that cars never see" and that's very true with a Kalkhoff.

If you're after reliability, versatility and longevity, a Kalkhoff should be on your list.

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