Trade In your Old Bike for £100 towards New E-bike

Recharge Your Cycling

This summer trade in your old bike for £100 towards a brand new electric bike from Energise E-bikes.

From ruster to racer!

Finally, you can get rid of that rusty clunker at the back of the garage and make a saving on the smooth-riding, uphill-climbing, journey-enhancing electric bike you've been dreaming of.

Simply visit your nearest store to choose your e-bike, and we'll put a reserve on it while you get your old bike to us. Our team will give you £100 towards your chosen e-bike.

There has never been a better time to embrace the electric bike revolution. With new cycleways opening up all over the country, now is a golden opportunity to explore new sights and to discover hidden gems.

Head to the Shed!

Research suggests there could be 38 million unused bikes in sheds, garages and gardens all around the UK. Is yours one of them?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I trade in any bike?
As long as it's an adult bike, we are open to accepting most things, however if the team assess that there will be safety issues regarding storage and/or safe disposal then we may not be able to trade it in.

I can't transport my old bike. Do you collect?
If you are very local to our stores it may be possible for branch staff to do a collection, but we don't have delivery vehicles so this is on an ad hoc basis and may not be immediately available. Feel free to ask staff when you visit your nearest store.

What will you do with my old bike?
It depends on the condition. It may be used for parts. It may be recycled. If it is in very good condition, and we feel that we can service it for at least a few years more, we may service it and put it up for sale. The selling price will reflect the labour and parts involved in preparing it for sale.

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Terms and Conditions  
1. You must have explicit permission of the bike owner before trading it in
2. Only one bike may be traded in against a new e-bike.
3. The maximum permissable trade-in value is £100
4. Offer applies to new electric bikes currently in-store or currently on order at Energise E-bikes. It does not apply to special orders, or to discounted bikes.
5. Trade in offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other sale/discounts, retail finance, cycle-to-work vouchers.
6. The decision of the manager-on-duty is final.  
7. Once the trade in is completed, the old bike becomes property of Energise E-bikes (Cycling Made Easy Ltd)