Multipurpose E-bikes - Getting the Most Value from E-bikes (part 1)

Part 1 our Getting the Most Value from E-bikes series. All this month we'll be giving you our best tips for making your money go as far as possible when you purchase an e-bike.  


A reliable electric bike is an investment piece. At this time of higher prices and rising utility bills we are all trying to find ways to make sure that the things we buy provide us with the most value possible.

It’s the same with electric bikes. How do you make sure that you get the most value out of an electric bike?

One way to make your money go further is to buy an electric bike that can be used for more than one purpose.

It’s still a good idea to know what type of riding you will be doing most of the time eg. commuting, but finding a bike that can also handle a secondary task will help make sure your investment was a good one.


Our Most Popular Style

Trekking electric bikes like the Trekking range from Haibike are our most popular style of full-size bike. They are essentially cross-country bikes with added lights, mudguards, rack and kickstand. The tyres are generally wide and smooth which allows them to be used on-road and off-road.

There are several configurations of the trekking style, so take a look here, or head to your nearest branch to try them out.


A bike for two different riders

Many of you will be looking to buy a bike that can be used by multiple people in the family who are of different heights. While most bikes are built to specific frame sizes, we stock a brand of bike that uses telescopic seat posts to allow riders of different heights to share a bike.

The Tern electric bikes are built mainly for families. With integrated rear racks that are strong enough for carrying passengers as well as shopping, or equipment for your job, the Tern e-bikes are a handy, fun and cost-efficient way to make most urban journeys.

The telescopic seatposts allow for riders between 4ft 9in and 6ft 5in to use the bike comfortably. We have a lot of local families using their Tern GSDs as a replacement for the family car. There are all sorts of accessories that can be added to it to turn it into whatever you want. There’s an all-weather canopy to keep passengers dry in the rain, and large panniers for putting a week’s worth of groceries in.


Mountainbiking today, Bikepacking tomorrow

Bikepacking is a fast-growing trend. New bike routes are being opened all the time, such as the Cantii Way in Kent and combining biking with camping is a cheap way to explore and enjoy fantastic, unspoiled natural landscapes. It’s a relaxing, sedate way to get around and trekking bikes are the most suited to this.

However, what about the days when you need something a little more exciting? What if a serene, riverside ride doesn’t quite give you the adrenalin rush that you’ve been craving?

That’s where the Focus Thron2 comes in. This is a full-suspension electric bike that has the geometry and components of an electric mountain bike (check out the full-specifications here), so you can attack your cross-country trails and mountain descents with real relish.

However it also comes fully-equipped with mudguards, rear rack, kickstand and lights so that you can do bikepacking as well. It’s worth mentioning as well that the Focus hardtails like the Jarifa (below) are also able to have these parts fitted separately too.


Commuting by Mountain bike?

Without an electric motor, riding a wide-tyred, high-traction mountain bike over tarmac is quite literally a drag. The unpowered mountain bike can be slowed down as the tyres turn propulsion into grip with every pedal stroke.

However, we have a lot of customers who commute on an electric mountain bike. In particular, they will use a 29inch-wheeled electric hardtail mountain bike.

The power from the electric motor negates any drag from the tyres and the 29inch wheel does two things. First this size of wheel keeps its momentum much better than smaller wheels. Once they’re turning and up to speed, 29er wheels keep themselves turning. The larger wheel size is also capable of handling potholes better than a smaller wheel.

The combination of the motor and the wheel size mean that you can ride off-road and on-road with equal ease. You can potentially shorten your commute by taking an off-road shortcut.

TOP-TIP: If you are commuting through high traffic areas, or on a route with a lot of junctions and traffic lights, a Yamaha motor – often found on electric mountain bikes - might be your best bet. It has fantastic push from a dead stop.


Town and Trail: Relaxed riding on-road and off-road

If you’re not a sporty rider, and are simply looking for a pleasant ride either into town to do a spot of shopping, or through the local woodlands to take in your ‘Nature Vitamin’ for the day, then have a look at some wide-tyred stepthrough electric bikes like the Gazelle Ultimate.

Gazelle bikes in general are built for comfort. The stepthrough frame shape and swept back handlebars let you sit upright in comfort, and they often have suspension in both the front forks and seatpost.

Gazelle ultimate C5 electric bike

The Ultimate has a moderately wide tyre that means it is easier to control when riding off road than the typical town bike, while the suspension mentioned above will cushion you from any surprise bumps in the trail.


Key Features in a Multipurpose Electric Bike

A wider tyre, and how easy it is to add accessories are key features in getting an electric bike with the widest possible use.

Always consider the type of ride that you will take the most before choosing. If you do have multiple considerations, just speak to one of our team. We’re all electric bike riders and can advise from personal experience.


Part 2 of our Getting the Most Value from E-bikes series will be published 8th Sept. If you have any questions in the meantime, please get in touch and speak with one of our team.