Stepthrough electric bikes are not what you think

"Oh, no. I don't want a stepthrough!" We hear this a lot. Give me two minutes to explain why you should at least give it some consideration. Riding in a skirt is not the only reason to go for a stepthrough electric bike. Here at Energise E-bikes, we sell electric stepthrough bikes to men and women in an equal ratio. Here's why:

Assorted images of Gazelle stepthrough electric bikes in Coulsdon

Reason One: Hop on, Hop off

An electric bike is by nature heavier than a traditional bike. So, getting on and off can be awkward with a crossbar especially if you're carrying luggage in a pannier.

Being able to hop forward off the saddle - especially in stop-start urban traffic - is really useful, not to mention safer and more comfortable. There's a reason hire bikes in cities are stepthrough style. 

Best seller: Bergamont E-Ville SUV Electric Bike (

Reason Two: The View

Are you buying an e-bike for sport or leisure? Chances are it's for leisure, in which case, don't you want to be able to look up and enjoy the views? This is much easier on a stepthrough electric bike because the frame puts you in an upright position

The funny thing is, we're often asked to fit mirrors to electric bikes, because many people find looking around on a bike difficult. With the upright position of a stepthrough e-bike, it's so much easier to look around. It negates the need for an extra mirror. 


Practically silent: Gazelle Ultimate C5 Belt Electric Bike (

Reason Three: Comfort

The ride quality on electric stepthrough bikes will surprise you. Their frames are much stiffer than their non-electric counterparts so there is little-to-zero vibration through the frame.

Also the weight distribution is low to the ground so your ride is stable and balanced. The effect is a serene, cruising feeling when you're riding. It's quite remarkable, especially when you're practically gliding uphill. 


Built for every day riding: Kalkhoff Image 3.B Move Step Through Electric Bike (

Kalkhoff electric bikes at Energise E-bikes, Coulsdon, UK

Are they as powerful as bikes with crossbars?

In short, yes. You'll find a lot of our electric stepthrough bikes fitted with Bosch Performance motors or even Bosch Performance CX motors. These motors were developed originally for mountain biking, but have been fitted into the stepthrough frames to give everyone the benefit of full power cycling!


- - -

You might have the view that stepthrough bikes are only for women, or for older riders but truly they are high performing leisure bikes for anyone who wants comfort, stability and ease of use

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