Which E-bikes Could Replace Santa's Reindeer?

Imagine the scene: Santa has crash landed in Coulsdon because his reindeer are absolutely exhausted. The children of the world have been extra good this year, and as a result there are more presents in Santa's sleigh than ever, and the reindeer are desperate for a break.

Luckily Santa happens upon an electric bike shop, and Santa has the clever idea of borrowing eight e-bikes to help pull the sleigh until his reindeer recoup enough strength for the rest of their round the world flight.

But which e-bikes would be best for the job? Each reindeer brings something different to the team so Santa has to make sure he can replicate that with his selection of e-bikes.

These are the bikes that we think would get Santa and his sleigh out of a tricky situation.

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Dasher - An E-bike for When You're in a Hurry

MiRider One - An e-bike you can fold as fast as an Olympic 100m sprinter (if you try).
This is the perfect bike for using in conjunction with the train. If you're time is precious, and you just need to hop off the train and onto your bike (or vice versa) a MiRider One - which is also the lightest electric bike in our showroom - is the perfect choice.

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Dancer - The Most Elegant E-bike of them All

Raleigh Motus - Graceful lines and Regal, Upright seating position
With it's beautiful green frame and curvy frame designe, the Raleigh Motus looks elegant enough to take the stage at the Royal Ballet. And just like the best ballet dancers, the bike rides quietly and with a lot of endurance thanks to it's Bosch Active Line motor.

MoreRaleigh Motus Step Through Electric Bike (energiseebikes.co.uk) 

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Prancer - An E-bike with the Agility of a Mountain Goat

Lapierre Overvolt TR 3.5 - A full-suspension e-bike for thrilling uphill and downhill riding. For true blue mountain bikers, you can appreciate how close to a traditional MTB this looks. It's pared down, comparatively lightweight and no-nonsense. With the addition of the mountain-loving Yamaha PW-ST motor, this bike can get you around the trickiest trails with the sure-footedness of a mountain goat.

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Vixen - Confident riding in urban and countryside settings

Trekking 5 Low - Foxy red frame, strong motor, and off-road ready features. This has been a customer favourite throughout the 2023 season and when you ride it, it's very clear to see why. The e-bike is very comfortable to sit and once you activate the Yamaha motor, it really gets going. The latest Yamaha motors are supremely quiet, which is amazing in such a powerful e-bike.

MoreHaibike Trekking 5 Low Electric Bike (energiseebikes.co.uk) 

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Comet - Blast off like a rocket and leave people in your trail!

Haibike AllTrack 6 - Stick this bike in Turbo and you will launch uphill like you're about to escape Earth's gravity. With the latest Yamaha motor, and superb traction from the Smart Sam tyres, this cross-country e-bike is an absolute dream to ride uphill. For those of you who want to just enjoy riding, the AUTO mode is perfect for you. This will adjust the power assistance levels automatically: just pedal and savour the ride. Superbly good value.  

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Cupid - Love at first sight

Scott Patron - This e-bike catches everyone's eye in the showroom and people can't help but go over to it and say hello. Not only does it look gorgeous, but with an innovative 'hidden' rear suspension unit, the Patron is a step forward in e-biking evolution. The integrated rear shock frees up space in the centre of the bike for the larger battery, a higher mounted motor for more ground clearance, and space for your own additions like a water bottle. Clever stuff.

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Donner - The all-weather worker

Gazelle Medeo - Donner is the German word for thunder, and the Gazelle commuter e-bikes are designed to face up to all weathers, come rain or shine. The Medeo is no exception to this. Since Gazelle e-bikes are designed for the cycle-heavy Dutch market, they have to stand up to the rigours of daily riding, whatever the weather. With disc brakes for wet weather braking, wiring that's routed through the frame to protect them from the elements, and an overall build quality that means they are less vulnerable to wear and tear, a Gazelle Medeo is our all-weather worker.

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Blitzen - Lightning quick when you need to sprint

Vado SL 4.0 - Blitzen is the German word for lightning. Our lightest full-size bike saves 40% weight compared with other e-bikes, which means when you reach the 15.5mph motor cut-off, you can keep accelerating with some smart gear changing. For those of you who need 'just enough' assistance, this is the bike you'll love. The weight saving comes from making the battery and motor less powerful than other e-bikes, but the lightness helps the performance of the 'organic motor' of your muscles.

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