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Road Electric Bikes

Electric road bike in Coulsdon

The electric road bike is a new innovation which combines the lightweight frame and geometry of a classic road bike with a lightweight motor and a slim, compact battery. With e-bikes road bikes, the aim is to take the sting out of the climbs and keep your cruising speed up mile after mile.

Our Favourite Electric Stepthrough Bike Brands

Bergamont - We gave the Bergamont E-Grandurance Elite our 'Innovation' award for its game-changing design which allows road riders to ride with or without the motor and battery in the frame. 

Pinarello - The legendary Italian brand has put all of its racing knowledge and expertise into its electric bikes so that you can feel like one of their Olympic champions out on the roads. 

BMC - Bridging the gap between road and gravel riding, these bikes are designed to be as much fun as possible so you can head out and explore with a smile on your face. 

Energise E-bikes is the only retailer offering a free 3 year servicing on electric bikes worth £80 a year. 

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