Specialized Turbo Como 4.0

VAT included

Como is a laid-back, comfortable e-Bike with the power of a confident ride.


About the Specialized Turbo Como 4.0

Laid back and full power?

As you would expect from a brand based in California, this bike feels like a cruiser designed to take in coastal views, warm beach fronts and long, lazy days in the sun. However, that doesn't mean that its motor power is in any way lackadaisical.

This e-bike is fitted with the Turbo Full Power 2.0 motor and 710Wh battery. What always surprises us about the Specialized motors is how quiet they are, especially given the amount of power they provide uphill. Even this 'leisure' e-bike is able to provide as much motor torque as an electric mountain bike. 

Cruising Comfort 

What makes this e-bike so comfortable? It's a trio of things that soak up vibrations from bumps before they get to you: a suspension seatpost, fat tires, and an 80 mm suspension fork.

Other features

  • Turbo System Lock - Use the Mission Control app to disable your bike’s motor and activate the motion sensor alarm. Once locked, the motor cannot be enabled again except by the owner. 
  • Fully Integrated Removable and Lockable Downtube Battery - Easy to charge, easy to secure.
  • Equipped with DRYTECH Fenders, LED front and rear lights, and 27kg capacity rear HD Rack. The rear rack is compatible with child bike seats, and the bike is also rated to pull a thru-axle trailer. 

Summary: The Como electric bikes are probably the most comfortable e-bikes we've ever stocked. This season's model is no different and with a huge battery, it's perfect for a long day in the fresh air and sunshine.  

As with all our e-bikes, you can give them a test-ride, so get in touch to arrange one at your nearest branch. 

Size guide: Please get in touch to check which sizes are currently on the sales floor.

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Product Highlights:

Super comfortable Triple comfort features: Suspension forks, suspension seatpost and fat tyres. 
Full Power motor 70nm torque for strong uphill climbing
Long range battery 710wh removable battery 
Low-step Easy to hop on and off

Key Electric Features:

Motor: Specialized 2.0
Max torque: 70nm
Motor position: Crank drive
Controller: MasterMind TCD, w/handlebar remote, built-in anti-theft feature, Bluetooth® connectivity
Battery capacity: 710wh
Battery location: Downtube, integrated
Charge time: 6-8 hours
Range (estimated): 80 miles

About Specialized

This is a brand born in the Californian sunshine all the way back in 1974, so you can be certain that it has fun, leisure and adventure at its heart. We have been extremely impressed by the overall feel of these bikes. They are spritely without being overly aggressive, and comfortable without feeling old-fashioned. 

If you want a bike that looks special, you'll want to look at Specialized bikes (pun intended). 

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