Gazelle Chamonix C7 HMS stepthrough electric bike

VAT included

The Gazelle Chamonix C7 HMS shows you what city transport should be. Comfy, efficient and fun!

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About the Chamonix C7 HMS

Smart, Tidy design

What you can always expect from a Gazelle electric bike is a sense that there was a designer making it as neat as possible. On the Chammonix C7 HMS, you can see this in all the little details such as where the cabling goes. You won't see any 'cable spaghetti' littered around the handlebars like on many e-bikes. The brake and gear cables are routed into the frame to keep things tidy. The chain is covered by a chain guard, the seatpost is sprung to absorb shocks and the battery and motor have been slimmed down so that the width of the bike is more akin to what you'd be used to riding.

If you intend to share your e-bike, a very neat feature is the quick adjust handlebars. With a clever lever that's integrated into the hanldbars, you can adjust the height and angle of the handlebars to suit whoever is riding them. However, do check with your Energise E-bikes technicians first - some angles will be too steep for you to keep good control of the bike.

Efficiency maximised

This bike uses the Shimano E6100 motor. While it isn't the most powerful motor, it does have the benefit of being compact, lightweight and very smooth. This makes for a lean and efficient bit of kit that will squeeze a lot of mileage out of the 500wh battery. While it will certainly help you climb hills - don't worry about that! - this motor excels in giving you miles per charge so that you can simply enjoy riding, and riding, and riding, without worrying that you'll run out of battery.

Built to add joy to your routine

Gazelle e-bikes are designed primarily for the picky and very bike-knowledgeable Dutch bike market. They are designed to be used everyday, often to be shared, and to be used for several purposes. From experience, we know that someone will buy a Gazelle e-bike to ride around a particular local beauty spot but very quickly they start using it to commute or to go shopping on.

That's why we can also see this model being extremely popular for busy commuters who want a fuss-free and energising way to get to work, especially as lights, rack, kickstand are included.

: A marriage of two great biking brands - Gazelle and Shimano - has created a bike that you will not rely upon for getting around, but will actively crave to ride. A bike to make you feel at home while cycling on the road.

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As with all our e-bikes, this is available to test-ride. Contact your nearest showroom to reserve your slot.
Size guide: 
Lowstep 53cm

How do I order this e-bike?

Product Highlights:

Comfort features
Suspension on front and rear, and the Dutch style frame make this super comfy
Efficient motor
The new and improved Shimano motor adds power without bulk
Large capacity battery
504wh for excellent range

Key Electric Features:

Motor: Shimano E-6100
Max torque: 50nm
Motor position: Crank
Controller: Shimano Steps display
Battery capacity: 504wh
Battery location: Downtube, integrated
Charge time: 6-8 hours
Range (estimated): 60-70 miles

Full Specification:

Frame Aluminium
Fork Aluminium (suspension in headstem)
Rear suspension Suspension seatpost
Gears 7-speed Shimano nexus hub gears
Brakes Hydraulic disc brake
Crankset -
Cassette -
Wheels Mach1 650
Tyres 50-622
Saddle BBB Diamond
Seatpost Suspension seatpost
Approx weight 25.2kg

About the brand

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