Tern HSD S+ electric folding bike

VAT included

The Tern HSD S+ is a tough little bike with foldable headstem and telescopic seatpost and automatic gearing. 

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About the Tern HSD S+

Many of our customers with young children, and who want to get their children used to a life of practical bike riding, love the Tern range of bikes. There are very few compact bikes, if any, that can take as much cargo as the tern electric bikes. Carrying kids is made much easier on these bikes as the bike is low to the ground - older children can use a seatpad (not included) and mount the bike themselves. 

The most distinctive features of this bike are the Gates belt drive (pictured) and the Enviolo Sport 380 hub gears. The first advantage of these is that they are maintenance free. You won't need to worry about lubrication and keeping them clean. Also they operate very smoothly. The Gates belt should also have a longer life than a standard bike chain. 

The gearing is, in fact, automatic(!) Yes, you can get automatic gearing on bikes these days. On this particular bike, you can set your pedal cadence - how fast you want to pedal - and then you can maintain that cadence throughout your journey while the bike shifts gear. Simply pedal and go. This is a reassuring feature for those who are not confident with bike gears.

Even though the bike is short, with telescopic seat post and handlebar means that you the bike will accommodate riders between 4ft 11in and 6ft 5in. Speaking of the seatpost, you get a suspension seatpost as standard for more comfortable riding. 

Summary: A supremely practical compact bike suitable for a family and shared riding. 

As with all our e-bikes, you can give them a test-ride, so get in touch to arrange one at your nearest branch. 

Product Highlights:

Foldable headstem Headstem folds down for easier storage
Suspension seatpost for expert comfort 
Large rear rack to carry either shopping or a passenger

Key Electric Features:

Max torque:
Motor position:
Battery capacity:
Battery location:
Charge time:
Range (estimated):

Full Specification:

Rear suspension
Approx weight

About the Tern brand

Tern is a very modern brand which was born as an off-shoot of the Dahon bicycle brand which you may be familiar with. Tern has taken its inspiration from the Arctic Tern - a small bird which is capable of travelling extremely large distances. Its bikes have the same capability. They're compact bikes - and though they wouldn't be described as 'lightweight' - they do store away easily, pack into cars well and have enough power to go as far as any full size electric bike. 

We like the way they are set up to be utility vehicles, capable of carrying large amounts of cargo or children on the back., The wheels are nice and wide for comfort and traction and yes, believe the hype, we have had customers who have bought Tern bikes and then have been able to sell their cars! 


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