Bergamont E-Grandurance RD Expert electric gravel bike

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The Bergamont E-Grandurance RD Expert electric gravel bike can be your commuter, tourer or your explorer bike.

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About the Bergamont E-Grandurance RD Expert

Page under construction. However this bike is ready to test-ride. Get in touch to arrange. 
Size guide: 55cm

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About the Bergamont brand

Bergamont come from the St. Pauli district of the German city of Hamburg. We took them on originally for their super comfortable and stable stepthrough bikes but their other designs have impressed us so much that we have expanded our range of Bergamont electric bikes to include electric mountain bikes and electric trekking bikes too. 

Bergamont want to create a world where you will happily chose the electric bike instead of a car. You can tell that as soon as you get on one of their bikes. You can feel that they are built for frequent use; there's something about how stable they feel on the ground. They inspire cycling confidence, and if that's what you're after, this is the brand for you. 


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