Gazelle Balance C7 HPF (2018) electric hybrid bike

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The Gazelle Balance C7 HPF has revolutionary design to allow both feet flat on the ground when stationary.


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About the Gazelle Balance C7 HPF

If you’re looking at this bike thinking, “That’s unusual” then that’s because it is! This completely unique design has been created especially for those who want the security of knowing they can have their feet flat on the ground when they’re not pedalling.

Normally you would do this by lowering your seat post height. However that method means you can’t straighten out your legs while pedalling, which can put a strain on your joints. With the design of the Balance C7, the whole frame shape has been calibrated to allow both easy reach to the ground and full leg extension. The best of both worlds!

-> Full specification:

Revolutionary design!

Designed to allow the rider to have feet flat on the ground while stationary, yet have full leg extension while pedalling.

Comfort First

Sprung saddle, ergonomic grips and wide pedals offer maximum comfort.

Panasonic Power!

E-assist power from 400wh Panasonic battery and Panasonic’s ‘Impulse’ motor.

About the Gazelle brand

Over the course of 125 years, Royal Dutch Gazelle has grown from a small two-man business selling three bicycles into the biggest Dutch bicycle brand selling over 250,000 bicycles a year. This makes Gazelle the market leader in the Netherlands and the bikes are still assembled in the original Gazelle factory in Dieren. They are very proud of their “Royal” title, which was awarded to them by Princess Margriet in honour of their 100th anniversary in 1992. 

Gazelle produce stunning, quality bicycles that are as light and comfortable possible. Their mission is to make cycling fun and easy for everyone. That’s why they keep pushing the boundaries on smart Dutch design and technical innovations.

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