Tern GSD S10 electric cargo bike

VAT included

The Tern GSD S10 is one of the most fun and practical e-bikes we've ever tried and a true alternative to car transport.


About the Tern GSD S10:

June 2020: The GSD bikes are in extremely short supply. Please email us to check availability. 

The Tern GSD S10 electric cargo bike is not only ultra versatile and capable of carrying a heavy load, it's also surprisingly compact and comfortable as well.

It's powered by a super-responsive Bosch Performance motor, so you’ll never feel the full weight of the bike, or have any anxiety gutting up steeper inclines.

Whether its kids or shopping you’re carrying around, the Tern GSD can handle it and you can fit all sorts of accessories to it to make it even more useful. There are various cargo racks and trays, seat pads, child seats….the list goes on.

NB: Current model in stock is blue.

Check out how we got on using the GSD on a family day out. 

Product Highlights:

180kg cargo capacity is ample for carrying kids, groceries or luggage 
Standard bike length for easy storage and maneuverability
One size fits all with easy adjustments to fit riders 150-195cm tall 
Can carry 2 child seats so all the family can join the fun

Key Electric Features:

Motor: Bosch Performance
Max torque: 63Nm
Motor position: Crank
Controller: Bosch Purion
Battery capacity: 500Wh
Battery location: External behind seat tube
Charge time: 4.5 hours
Range (estimated): 37-87 miles

Enormously Useful. Surprisingly Small.

The Tern GSD is designed to carry a couple of kids, groceries for a week, or up to a huge 180 kg of cargo, but it’s only 180 cm long—the same length as a standard bike. With Tern’s best-in-class folding technology, it also packs down small enough to fit in an MPV, a city apartment or small storage unit. Plus, it can be adjusted to fit riders from 150 – 195 cm tall —so the whole family can share it.

Tern GSD animation

Tern GSD dimensions

A Utility Bike Designed to Fit Your Life.

Despite everything it can haul, the GSD is actually the same length as a regular bike, so it fits anywhere a standard bike can. But there are lots of places a standard bike doesn’t fit. Tern have designed it small enough to store in a city apartment, fit in a lift, or take on a train for weekend getaways.

Fits the Whole Family

Minivans don’t come in S, M, L & XL to fit the driver, so why do bicycles? The GSD is designed to be shared by a family. It adjusts to fit mum, dad or the kids—any rider from 150 – 195 cm. Best of all, thanks to Tern’s adjustable stem, and compact geometry, adjusting the bike only takes seconds.

Tern GSD size guide

Tern loading into MPV

Going on holiday?

No problem with the GSD. This electric bike has been to designed to pack down to 1/3rd its volume in only 10 seconds and fit into the back of an MPV. So put it in the car until you get to your destination, and then head out and explore.

Carries the Family

With room for up to two Thule Yepp Maxi child seats, plus grocery space to spare, the GSD lets you ditch the minivan. The low step-thru frame makes getting on and off much safer, and with an extra low center of gravity, the GSD is stable and steady.

Tern GSD family

Tern GSD cargo

Carry more load

Despite its city-bike footprint, the GSD boasts cargo-bike capacity, with a maximum gross vehicle weight of 200 kg (440 lb). Build it up with Cargo Hold Panniers and the Shortbed and Transporteur racks, to carry industrial strength Eurocrates, a week of groceries or a family picnic plus the kitchen sink.

Tern GSD key features and options:

Bosch Performance Line motor

Bosch performance line motor

Tern Cargo Hold Panniers

Cargo Hold Panniers

Yepp child seats

Yepp child seat compatability

Tern small spaces

Perfect for small spaces

Bosch all day Battery

All day battery options

Tern GSD with 2 adults

you can take a friend too

Tern GSD geometry

Comfortable riding position

Tern GSD components

Components built to last

Stable and confident handling

Low and stable

About the Tern brand

Tern is a very modern brand which was born as an off-shoot of the Dahon bicycle brand which you may be familiar with. Tern has taken its inspiration from the Arctic Tern - a small bird which is capable of travelling extremely large distances. Its bikes have the same capability. They're compact bikes - and though they wouldn't be described as 'lightweight' - they do store away easily, pack into cars well and have enough power to go as far as any full size electric bike. 

We like the way they are set up to be utility vehicles, capable of carrying large amounts of cargo or children on the back., The wheels are nice and wide for comfort and traction and yes, believe the hype, we have had customers who have bought Tern bikes and then have been able to sell their cars! 


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