Free lifetime e-bike servicing

Free Lifetime Servicing when you purchase an Electric Bike from Energise E-bikes

Our collection of electric bikes is of premium quality, so we would like our customers to enjoy them as such for the duration of their use. We therefore include free lifetime servicing with all electric bikes that we sell.

What does our free lifetime servicing involve?

Put simply, your new E-Bike will be entitled to one basic e-bike service (worth £80.00) per year for as long as you own the bike. Should any new or additional parts be required, our workshop team will contact you to discuss before proceeding, and additional work carried out outside of the basic e-bike service will incur a labour charge.

The full list of terms is below, but the main condition is that we must see the bike for a service at least once a year or every 1,000 miles (whichever occurs first). The mileage is easy to track via the e-bike's display unit. This is required to prevent the bike from falling into a state of disrepair and to keep you rolling along with safe, trouble free miles.

Our usual workshop appointment system applies. We always advise calling us in advance or using the booking form to make sure you are without your bike for as little time as possible.

Terms & conditions:

Offer is valid on electric bikes sold by Energise E-bikes.

Any replacement or additional parts required must be purchased from Energise E-bikes.

Any additional work done beyond the basic e-bike service will incur a labour charge at our standard rates.  

For offer to remain valid, bikes must be brought to us for servicing once a year or every 1,000 miles (whichever occurs first).

Offer applies only to original owner of the bike registered with us. It does not pass on if the bike is sold to a second owner.

Lifetime servicing offer applies to all electric bikes bought from Energise E-Bikes since 1st August 2019.