Energise E-Bikes: For people who enjoy the freedom of cycling with added energy!

If you’re reading this page, you’re probably interested in buying an electric bike. Maybe you’ve tried one, or perhaps seen one on holiday in Europe where they’ve been popular for years. Energise E-bikes is dedicated to helping people like you to navigate the often confusing world of electric bikes. With our specially trained staff, we offer you one-to-one test rides, and the largest range of e-bikes you’ll find on the UK high street.

Full Technical Support

Our focus is on electric bikes that meet our exacting standard for engineering quality and mechanical reliability. In fact we will not stock electric bikes from suppliers that cannot guarantee technical back up and spares.

Each e-bike on display in our showrooms has had its final assembly carried out by our in-house mechanics, and it is likely that one of our team has even visited the factory in which that bike was manufactured.

Test-Rides and Customisations – "A Complete Retail Experience"

Imagine reading a great review of an e-bike, and then ordering it from an online retailer. Then imagine trying the bike out after it was delivered only to find out it’s not right for you. What looks like a good bike on screen is often not all it’s cracked up to be in real life. You would have to repackage that bike and send it back. Unfortunately, that exact scenario happens right across the country but this hassle can easily be avoided.

We believe in a complete retail experience for our customers. Our team is available to talk you through all our offerings - from the individual bike models to the accessories you can add to customise the bike. With Energise E-bikes you don’t have to navigate the world of electric bikes on your own. With our one-to-one service, you will find the perfect e-bike.

Every e-bike in our showrooms is available to test-ride. Simply visit your nearest Energise E-bikes showroom where a member of staff will help you pick out a couple of e-bikes that fits your requirements, and they will accompany you on a ride on quiet roads.

E-Bike showroom Coulsdon

Electric bike shop Coulsdon

Our History: An Electric Revelation!

From the moment our founder Ray Wookey tried an electric bike for the first time, he realised just how transformative this new technology could be.

Being able to set off from home and complete a journey in comfort without having to worry about traffic jams, train cancellations or parking problems was a revelation; not to mention enormous fun!

He could see that commuters who had seen train ticket prices rise and rise over the years could use e-bikes to get to work cheaply and quickly. People who had long given up cycling could start riding again with confidence, knowing that the e-bike would help them throughout the ride. Leisure riders, tired of the same old cycle routes could expand their horizons and go further and do more.

The First Showroom

Ray was inspired by the e-bikes so, together with a business partner, he began selling electric bikes in 2012 via a small retail outlet in Coulsdon. Coulsdon is well known for its motor dealerships, but this would be the first bicycle retailer to open in the town for decades.

The store was named Cycling Made Easy. At the time, cycling was seen as something ‘fussy’ and difficult; you had to have special outfits and do special training to get into it. With electric bikes, all of the fuss is stripped away; hence the name.

Destination Store

Customers soon came from across the country – even flying to Gatwick Airport just to visit! Croydon Council even bought a fleet of bikes for use headquarters, which for a town with the lowest cycling rate in the UK, was a massive coup.

The interest in electric bikes grew and grew, so much so that the store had to expand. So the store moved to a 2000 square foot, purpose-built showroom which happened to be on the London to Paris cycle route; a route that a team from Cycling Made Easy have completed using e-bikes!

As the business grew further a second Cycling Made Easy store was opened in Tunbridge Wells in 2014.

New Name, New Energy

Over the years, our customers have told us how their e-bikes have made them more active, and given them the motivation to explore the world with renewed energy. In 2019, it was decided that Cycling Made Easy would be renamed Energise E-bikes to reflect the life-changing effect our products have had on our customers.

Today, Energise E-bikes has the widest range of electric bikes of any retailer in the UK from small, folding electric bikes, to Dutch-style stepthrough e-bikes, to full-suspension off-road e-bikes.

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