Small and mighty accessories that can make the world of difference....

We fit these grips onto a lot of electric bikes, but mainly for people who buy electric hardtail mountain bikes. They spread the pressure across the whole palm so you prevent pain in the hands and wrists. A lot of our customers won't be used to spending so much time riding, so once they get their electric bike, these grips help to make sure their body gets used to the riding position.  £31.99

Comfortable saddles are a must with an e-bike. You might be tempted to go for the fattest, squishiest saddle you can find but those types of saddles don't offer support to your body and can actually increase chafing. What you need is an ergonomically designed saddle that gives support without allowing pressure to build up in the seat area. £54.99 

There is something so satisfying about a complete kit. If you're anything like our colleague Sarah, you'll be going around your house seeing what you can fix up with this handy little kit.  It's all in the details too. The bits are colour coded so you can quickly find the exact part you need quickly. £19.99. Purchase in-store.

Keep your bike looking as good as new with these cleaning kits

Muc-Off is a staple of the bike trade - you'll see it in most bike workshops -  so take it from us that this stuff works. It's really handy to have the tote bag too because all those sprays and bottles can be kept tidy. It's also a nice touch that the ingredients are biodegradable so that it's safe for the environment too. £49.99 

A real, no nonsense cleaning kit that we our technicians have found to be extremely handy; especially the foaming chain cleanser which makes that job really easy. The little bottle of concentrated cleaning fluid will last a long, long time as well so it's great value for money while also saving on plastic. The kit includes a useful angled brush that'll help you get to all the hard to reach places on the bike too. £24.99 

You have a cordless vacuum cleaner, why not have a cordless hose? It might seem a bit weird but think about it: you can clean mud off the bike before you stick it back in the car, clean all your patio furniture without the hose getting tangled up with everything, and hose down the car without spilling water from the bucket all over the place! We love the fact that it uses the same battery units as your Bosch power tools too. £299. Purchase in-store.