Where to buy an electric bike Surrey Kent

Ways to Pay

As an Energise E-bikes customer, after a visit to your nearest showroom and enjoying a test-ride with one of our team, you can pay in-store via the following methods:

Card: Most major credit and debit cards are accepted including Apple Pay. We do not accept American Express currently.

BACS: We can also accept bank-to-bank transfers. We can provide these details at your visit. 

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Got a Cycle-to-Work Voucher? 

We accept vouchers from CycleScheme and Green Commute Initiative.

If you want to ask about how these vouchers work, give us a call and one of our team will talk you through the process. Alternatively, get in touch with your employer's HR department, who will usually be in charge of issuing cycle-to-work vouchers.

>> More information on cycle-to-work vouchers here. 

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Retail Finance

On some electric bikes we can offer 10 months interest free credit via V12 Retail Finance. You simply leave a deposit of 25% and complete the finance agreement in-store. 

Please note, we cannot offer 0% finance on discounted e-bikes or models in the Specialized range. 

For 36 month payment terms - or to purchase a Specialized bike on finance - the interest rate is 14.9%.  

If you are interested in this, simply get in touch with our team and they'll confirm if it is available for the e-bike you're interested in.

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Why can't I order these bikes online? 

Be Sure, Be Safe, Buy In-Store

We think the surest and safest way to buy your electric bike is to have somewhere you can actually try it out, chat with the sales person directly and meet the mechanics who will maintain the bike over its lifetime, and who will fit the e-bike to you.   

We love spending time with our customers to match them to an electric bike. Figuring out which is the best electric bike to energise their cycling is a challenge we relish. Need to kit out your whole family with electric bikes? We can do that (see video).  

Help Keep Experts on Your Doorstep

We are a proud bricks-and-mortar retailer, and like thousands of independent retailers in the UK, we're dedicated to keeping experts on British high streets. We've been selling electric bikes exclusively since 2012, so we've learned a thing or two about them. No-one could accuse us of being a fly-by-night online retailer trying to turnaround a quick buck with shoddy products!

We offer 3 years' free servicing on all electric bikes sold from our showrooms therefore we maintain a physical shop with a full-time workshop.

Make Shopping Fun

Coming in to test-ride a few electric bikes before you buy is the most fun part of the whole e-bike buying process. Customers love it and we want everyone to experience the same joy. Why not? Why just read a table of specifications before buying? Come in, try the bikes, ask us questions and make the best buying decision you can.

Besides, all electric bikes ride differently. The only way to figure out how your body will react to a particular bike is to ride it. You can't do that online. 

Book your test-ride here. 

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"Be sure, be safe, buy in-store" 

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