Here you will find details of all our upcoming events and some useful links to our partners.

Upcoming events:

E-bikes for Beginners Brunch

Learn everything you need to know about e-bikes at an informal brunch at Energise E-bikes' Coulsdon showroom.

The world of e-bikes is fast growing and there’s so much information, and even misinformation, to keep up with. There’s also enough e-biking jargon to fill an entire dictionary. For anyone who feels like they could do with a friendly face to cut through the confusion, book your place at our first ever E-bikes for Beginners Brunch.

In an informal group setting, with teas, coffees and pastries provided, we will pick apart the nuts and bolts of e-bikes to give you a comprehensive understanding of what they are, what they do, and what you should be looking for. We’ll translate jargon into plain English, put any e-bike myths you’ve heard to bed, and answer any questions you have. You will leave the brunch confident in your e-bike knowledge.

The brunch has been designed for complete beginners in mind. Even if it has been decades since you’ve been on a bicycle, don’t be put off. The world of e-biking can be intimidating but ultimately it’s wonderful, and it would be a shame for people to miss out simply because they don’t know enough about them.

We’ll cover:

  • What e-bike technology is available?
  • What are the benefits of electric bikes?
  • What are e-bikes capable of?
  • What do you get for your money?
  • Looking after e-bikes.
  • The things that e-bike reviews never tell you
  • and much, much more!

If you’d like to take a demo ride of an electric bike, you’ll be able to do that on the day too. Tickets at £3 include your food and drink. Space is limited to 12, so please book to avoid disappointment.

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Our partners:

Croydon Council

We are the official supplier of electric bikes to Croydon Council, which has purchased them for various purposes such as bicycle training, staff hire, and deliveries. We are often involved in Croydon Council events where you can meet members of our team and see some of our electric bikes.

See more information on Croydon Council's cycling strategy here  

Croydon Cycle Theatre

We have co-hosted rides and events with Croydon Cycle Theatre who are advocates of cycling for all, especially as a way to empower women.

Surrey Physiotherapy

We have hosted rides with Surrey Physiotherapy as a way to illustrate how riding an electric bike can be a beneficial way to get exercise without putting undue stress on the body.

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