E-Bikes – An Introduction to Electric Bikes.

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E-bikes make pedalling easier.

When you push the pedals on an e-bike a small electric motor is engaged to ‘assist’ your effort. The level of that assist can be a little or a lot. You still control the speed but the motor can drastically reduce the effort involved, leaving you serene as opposed to sweaty when you get to your destination or increasing your range from a few miles to 40 or more.

That brings a range of benefits for you:

  • Cycle to work without needing a shower and a change of clothes when you get there
  • Gain confidence in being able to tackle an off-road trail
  • Consider a longer cruise down long distance cycleways and bridle paths
  • Re-think shopping by e-bike with appropriate luggage orcargo options
  • Laugh in the face of steep hills

Use an electric bike and you’ll cycle more and that will do wonders for your general aerobic health and mobility, help you lower your carbon footprint and save loads of cash on fuel for your car. Most important of all though, it’s fun. Choosing the right e-bike for you

Choosing the Right Electric Bike for you

First have a think about the style of riding that appeals to you. The good news is that there are an amazing range of e-bikes to suit every need.

Getting around (and out of) the city