With the extra power and weight of an electric bike, you'll need tyres which are up for the task, and you'll also need to know how to look after them so you don't get any nasty surprises while you're enjoying your bike ride! Read on to learn more...

How do I prevent punctures?

Thankfully, most of the e-bikes we sell come with puncture resistant tyres. However, you can never prevent all punctures. We have found that the most effective way to reduce the frequency of punctures is to upgrade your tyre to a toughened one. For example, some tyres by Schwalbe will have a ‘GreenGuard’ layer of toughened latex below the tyre tread, as well as ‘Snakeskin’, a protective fabric that coats the sidewalls of the tyre. There are other methods as well such as tyre inserts which protect the inner tube. Our technicians can advise you as to what would be available for your e-bike.

Tyre pressure – what makes it so important?

Keeping your tyre pressure in the correct range will help prevent punctures, help you get more mileage out of your battery and make sure you have optimum comfort and control. We have often seen cyclists come into the showroom with a ‘snake bite’ or ‘pinch’ punctures caused by riding with under-pressured tyres.

What pressure should I have in my tyres?

If you look on the side wall of your tyres, you should see some raised figures alongside the letters ‘psi’. Typically, it will be stated as a range eg. 45-65psi. You don’t necessarily have to pump it up to the maximum pressure in that range. You may need a little ‘give’ in the tyre for comfort and control especially for off-road electric bikes which need to flex to conform to the contours of rougher tracks. You’ll need a pump with a pressure gauge to adjust the pressure properly.

How often should I pump my tyres?

Tyres will naturally lose pressure after a couple of weeks, even if you haven’t been on a ride. Make sure you have a pump at home so that you can keep the pressure up.

Why doesn’t my pump fit my tyre valves?

First of all, check that your pump is designed to work with your valve. The car-style valve is a Schraeder valve while the ‘skinny’ valve with the small lock nut is called a Presta valve. A few of you (particularly Gazelle electric bike owners) will have a Woods valve.

Many modern pumps are designed to pump all valves but some of these require you to flip the components which are inside the pump head around. Different configurations of these internal parts will fit the different valves. If you have trouble with this, bring it into our showrooms and ask a technician for help.

Are there pumps that you recommend?

There certainly are. For a start, buy a pump with a pressure gauge so you can get the right pressure.

For use at home, we always recommend a track pump like the Topeak Joe Blow. They’ll do all bikes but also cars, inflatable pools and camping beds. We keep these in stock at our showrooms so you can pick one up when you pop in for a service.

For carrying on a ride, then the Topeak range also includes small, portable hand pumps with a flip-out foot pad so it can convert into a track/stirrup style pump. Again, we keep these pumps in stock at our showrooms, so pop in and pick one up.

Can I have a slicker tyre on my mountain bike?

Usually this is possible. Some of you with mountain bikes may be finding that you are actually riding your electric bike more often on the road than off road. A slicker tyre will help you roll along that much easier on tarmac so you can really take advantage of the free momentum that an e-bike gives you. All bikes vary, of course, so get in touch with our technicians to confirm.

Any more questions about tyres or pumps? Get in touch with your nearest Energise E-bikes showroom.