When you’re investing in an electric bike, you want to make sure you make the right choice. There are hundreds of reviews and specification sheets online but analysing all of these will not make a jot of difference if, when you finally get on the bike, it “just doesn’t feel right”.

The most important thing in choosing an electric bike is how your own body reacts to it. You want to be comfortable of course, but you also want the motor system to give you power in exactly the way you need it to. Each motor system feels slightly different which you’ll only realise on the test-ride.

Electiric Bike Test Rides

All Our E-bikes are Test-Rideable

At Energise E-bikes, we assemble and safety test all the electric bikes that come into our showrooms. That means that when you visit, you can test-ride anything that’s on display.

How to test ride an electric bike

When you visit our showrooms, simply ask a member of staff for a test-ride. Together you will choose which models to try out.

After you sign our safety briefing form, you’ll head out to a quiet road with the bikes, accompanied by a member of staff.

Usually, you and a staff member will take out one electric bike each, and swap over bikes halfway through the test ride.

Our staff member will talk you through step-by-step how to use the bike's controls: the gears, brakes, power-assistance and any other features the bike has.

During the test-ride, try the bike in all levels of power assistance (including with no power assistance too). Also flick through the gears to see if you can find your ‘sweet spot’ in which your pedal power, the gears and the electric assistance are working in harmony.

If you feel like the bike needs a few adjustments to fit you better, our technicians can do that for you back at the showroom.

Feel free to try the bike again to see if the adjustments have made a difference.

What to look out for on a test-ride

Within moments, you will know if an electric bike will work for you. While riding, take note of:

how the bike fits to you

how it delivers the extra power

how it copes with the type of terrain you need it for

The longest part of the test-ride is selecting which bikes to take out. So, we recommend that you put aside at least an hour when you visit us to get a good look at the range and to fit in a test-ride.

Booking a test ride

It's a good idea to give us a buzz to book a test ride, but even if you make an unplanned visit, there is usually someone available to take you out.

What should I bring?

Please bring a valid form of photo ID eg. passport, driving license. If you have your own helmet, please bring it along. If you don't have one, we can lend you one.