Yes, you can get fitter using an e-bike. Here's why

Yes, you can get fitter using an e-bike. Here's why

"No, I wouldn't be interested in using an e-bike because I cycle for fitness."

But do you though?

We hear people using 'fitness' as a reason to avoid electric bikes and to us that sounds completely ludicrous but the myth persists. Perhaps it's because people think that electric bikes 'make you lazy'.

We have always known that e-bikes actually motivate you to get moving, and also to keep moving. It's that simple. No matter what the weather, the route, your current state of fitness, there will be enough assistance from the e-bike to get you cycling, and to keep you going. You can't say the same for a traditional bike. If you're tired, a traditional bike will not be an attractive option. If it's wet and windy, a traditional bike will seem like torture. If the route is long and hilly, a traditional bike will only be used if you're already fit enough to do Le Tour de France.

Now scientists all over the world are catching up.

This study at Brigham Young University in the US showed that the heart rate of e-bikers reached over 90% of a traditional cyclist ie. they had a 'vigorous' workout, even if they didn't feel like it.

Another study here in Europe of over 10,000 participants showed that since e-bikers get an extra 550 and 800 of "Metabolic Equivalent Task minutes" per week (a measure of physical activity) compared to other road users.

A Swiss study from the University of Basel in 2019 showed that after only four weeks, the health benefits of e-bikes included "improving fat metabolism, blood pressure and mental wellbeing."

Think about it this way...
An e-bike amplifies the power put in by the cyclist. In that respect, it's a bit like a microphone for a singer. Does Adele ever hold back just because she's using a microphone? Of course not. The microphone simply allows her to do lots of different things, such as send her voice to the edges of an arena without causing her voicebox to break. It also allows her to sing very quietly and still be heard, such as in her ballads. That kind of flexibility is enabled by a microphone. The same goes for an e-bike.

An e-bike won't make you lazy, it just means that pedal-for-pedal, you'll get further than you would on your traditional bike.

Or think of it this way...
Just like on the stationary bike at the gym, on which you can change the intensity of a workout at the touch of a button, you can do the same on an e-bike. Of course an e-bike is better than a stationary bike because you can go out and see the world on one.

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