What is Clean Commuting and why should you care?

What is Clean Commuting and why should you care?

It is very likely that in the last few weeks, you've been more conscious of the air that you're breathing in than at any other time. Probably not since the days of the famous London 'pea souper' smog have we, as a nation, been so concerned about what enters our lungs.

Clean commuting means being mindful of how our rush hour habits affect our bodies and our planet, and making positive steps to change what we can.

How bad is air pollution?
Sadly, it's dangerously bad.

Each year in the UK, up to 11,000 deaths due to a heart attack or stroke are attributable to toxic air. Just last month, the Environment Bill had its second reading in Parliament which is aimed at making sure air quality becomes a national priority.  
How clean is the air that cyclists breathe?
This is where the good news comes in for cyclists! Research by the Institute for Transport Studies at Leeds University showed that during commuter rush hours - or other slow moving, congested journeys - cyclists breathe in the fewest particles of air pollution.

Although it hasn't been thoroughly tested, the more relaxed breathing rate of an electric biker versus a conventional cyclist may further protect an e-biker from breathing in harmful particles. 

Do I have to worry about anything else in the air?
For those worried about harmful pathogens, you are unlikely to have anyone cough or sneeze in your vicinity while you are riding an e-bike, plus there is growing evidence on the effect of direct sunlight as a disinfectant.

Our top tips for a cleaner commute...
- Switch to an e-bike for rush hour journeys
- Use an online air pollution map so you can plan the least polluted route
- Good pressure in your tyres will make your e-bike more energy efficient
- Try a 'mixed mode' commute ie. e-bike + train. Check each network's rules.
- As your breathing rate increases, increase your power assistance

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