The Benefits of Commuting by Electric Bike

The Benefits of Commuting by Electric Bike

You don’t have to see yourself as ‘a cyclist’ to start cycling to work. A lot of people feel like they should be cycle commuting but aren’t confident that they could do it. Here we explain why e-bikes will take you from, “I should” to “I will”!

Cycling to work has several benefits: health, save time, save money…and it’s fun. Got questions about cycle commuting by e-bike? We can help…

I want to cycle to work to get fitter. Do I really get exercise on an e-bike?

YES! Myth #1 about electric bikes is that you can’t get a workout. In reality, you will get more exercise than from a conventional bike! Why? Two reasons:-
You’ll use it more often. Our research shows that electric bikes are used 3-4 times a week. That’s far more than the average person uses a conventional bike.

You can tailor the workout depending on your needs. Want a resistance workout? Turn the power-assistance down. Want the cardio exercise without muscle building? Turn the power assistance up! Want to exercise but need to take pressure off an injury – put the bike into Turbo mode.

I don’t have shower or changing facilities at work. I don’t want to arrive at work sweaty.
NO PROBLEM! At the right power level, your e-bike commute can feel just like an energizing walk and you won’t get sweaty

Would I need to wear lycra?
NO NEED! Wear what you want to – so long as you can move in it.

However, there are other pieces of cycle clothing that you may like to wear, such as a bright jacket and helmet.

E-bikes look expensive. Will it save me money on my commutes?
YES! E-bikes are typically more expensive to buy than a regular bike. However, they’re very cheap to run.
To charge the battery costs just 6p of electricity, the same as boiling a kettle. A full battery could take you 50-60 miles! How far would 6p of petrol get you? How far could you get with 6p on your Oyster Card?
You don’t have the expense of MOTs, or road tax to think about every year. You’ll also be free from parking fees…and fines!

It’s a long way to work. Will an e-bike handle that? Can I handle that?
YES! Different bike models will have a different range that they’re capable of doing but they’re designed for long journeys.
You may surprise yourself with how long you can cycle for. E-bikes have strong frames, and cushioning components so a long journey will be more comfortable for you. If you get tired, turn the power up and let the e-bike help you!
We have customers cycling in from Coulsdon (zone 6) to central London – that’s about 17 miles each way.

How secure is an e-bike? I’m worried it could get stolen.
WE CAN HELP. E-bikes are harder for a thief to sell so in fact they are not that desirable to steal. A would-be thief won’t have a charger, key, nor in many cases the headset.
E-bikes also have a unique serial number AND if you buy from us, you get 14 days free bike insurance.
However, there are many security options for e-bike users. We especially like the Bordo lock range by ABUS. Read up on security here.
Heavy duty locks are no problem because, an e-bike can easily carry extra weight!

See more, do more
Your time is precious. Do something exciting on your lunch break.
Explore on your journey home. Get an errand done while everyone else is on their coffee break.
An e-bike will help you get so much more out of your day.

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