“It is hard to overstate the transformation”

“It is hard to overstate the transformation”

Andy returned from active duty with a litany of physical hurdles to recover from. With encouragement from his girlfriend, he got an e-Bike from us and hasn’t looked back.

“Firstly, let me say it is hard to overstate the transformation that my new electric bike from Cycling Made Easy is having on my recovery from long-standing illness and injury.

I first considered looking at electric bikes after my girlfriend bought one for her ageing mother in an attempt to keep her mobile after her normal bicycle became too much for her to use and, whilst I am by no means an aged mother, a long period of rehabilitation following injury whilst on active service had left me a mere shadow of the fighting fit, rugby playing servicemen I had once been.

Chronic fatigue, back and joint pain and constantly tired aching muscles had become my lot in life and I was limited to low intensity walking and swimming as options for trying to regain any level of fitness.

Enter the team at Cycling Made Easy who, from my initial phone call through my several visits to the shop in Coulsdon, to final purchase, worked to understand the exacting requirements that I would need from a bike if I was to stand any chance of once again being able to enjoy an activity that had been lost to me for some time, particularly as I had moved to place where steep hills awaited me within half a mile of any direction I chose to travel.

After trying several models, each of which the team had set up to try to accommodate my needs, I settled on Scott 720 e-Spark, which we then set about modifying and accessorising to enable me to achieve an optimum seating position together with new handlebars and saddle which, together with the superb suspension, afford me the ability to ride for extended periods in comfort and without causing me pain.

The new Bosch motor on this particular model has plenty of punch to move my large (120kg) frame and the battery gives me a range, even in the highest assistance (Turbo) mode, in excess of 35 miles, despite the hilly terrain around my home.

When I first started to use the bike approximately 2 months ago, I was only able to do around 2 miles, even in Turbo mode, but I have gradually built up the distance I am able to travel in one trip to in excess of 10 miles, and this is improving all the time. In that time my hips have begun to move much more freely, my leg and gluteal muscles have begun to gain strength and endurance and I have lost over 3 kg.

“Being a student occupational therapist and having experienced first-hand the transformational effects that an electric bike can bring in a short period of time, I can heartily recommend them to anyone…”

I am beginning to notice numerous other improvements to my health and general well-being, and am becoming ever more adventurous in the rides that I’m undertaking, with the added benefit that I’m using my car less and less for journeys around my locality. The detachable Topeak bar and panniers that I purchased me that I can easily use my bike for the 7 mile round trip to my local supermarket to buy cheese and wine, which I can eat and drink on my return with a clear conscience, having cycled to get them!

Being a student occupational therapist and having experienced first-hand the transformational effects that an electric bike can bring in a short period of time, I can heartily recommend them to anyone, not just those who may need little assistance in getting themselves back into physical activity.

When I first bought the bike, some of my friends and family accused me of “cheating” but they now invariably recognise that this fantastic machine has rather ‘enabled’ me to resume an activity that would otherwise been impossible to do, and whilst the bike of course does help me on my rides, it enables me to do exercise where previously I would have done none; the effect has been truly transformational.

Thank you to the team at Cycling Made Easy who helped me make it possible; I will undoubtedly be recommending you to friends, family and, perhaps more importantly, to my future clients who are struggling to engage in physical activity, but who may be enabled to do so by the purchase of an electric bike.”
– Andy Millard

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