Going to the Seaside - An E-bike Ride in Brighton

Going to the Seaside - An E-bike Ride in Brighton

Brighton, is a friendly city with plenty of buzz, but as many of you know, car parking is difficult, the terrain is hilly and being on the coast, there's a great deal of wind. So, an electric bike really is the best way to explore this vibrant coastal destination.

The bikes were able to fit securely on the Thule Easyfold tow bar carrier. Despite the 60kg load capacity two e-bikes lift straight on the rack without the need to remove the batteries. Once in place the boot can be accessed by dropping the flatbed with the bikes secured in order to remove jackets, helmets, dogs and any other necessary items. Even with two e-bikes in place you hardly know they are there and 70 mph feels comfortable on major roads.
We parked on the street in Hove right beside Sugardough which is an artisan bakery with a magnificent display of really yummy cakes and breads. Two flat whites and a Portugese tart to share filled the mid morning gap just right.

We popped the e-bikes off the car and headed west along the promenade. There is a marked bike lane which on a busy Sunday sometimes gets overspill from pedestrians which can be unexpected but generally it works well and the views of the seafront and sea are magnificent.

The terrain is mainly flat and it could be argued that there is no need for an e-bike as we both cycled without power most of the distance right through the seafront in the main part of Brighton out to the marina which is worth a look and it would be possible to have lunch or spend more time there quite comfortably.

On the way back this was a different matter! We experienced a strong headwind and the e-assist really came into its own. We glided effortlessly past conventional cyclists heads bent straining against the wind, making slow progress. The showing off, unpleasant side, of the gleeful ebiker shamelessly surfaces when you whizz past having to subdue a rueful smile.

Brighton is a great place to cycle. It is well marked out and easy to get around. Bikers move about with much less effort than cars as parking and congestion is an issue for the motorist. There are lots of places to explore and an e-bike means you get around easily and economically.

We had a good lunch with friends, who live close by, in the Sussex pub in Hove which was well set up and seemed pretty economic. Good slow-cooked belly of pork and Harvey’s beer. https://www.emberinns.co.uk/nationalsearch/southeast/the-sussex-hove?utm_source=google&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=gmb#

One Scott e-Genius and a Cube Stereo Hybrid. Both full suspension and customised for fit, comfort and carrying. Perfect day when weather kind and sea sparkling. Give it a try. Great for kids and family cycling – perhaps for safety with little ones, when a bit quieter.

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