Five Useful Bits of Info for an E-bike Novice

Five Useful Bits of Info for an E-bike Novice

1)    Change your gears…but not in the way you think

Yes, the extra power in an e-bike might help you get away with not changing gears however you will not be getting the best out of your bike this way. Change gears as you would normally do on your conventional bike and you will find you’ll get more mileage from your battery. If you are someone who likes to ride above the 15.5mph motor cut-off speed, you’ll also need to change gears appropriately as you approach the transition.

2)    Get comfortable

E-bikes let you take longer journeys than you normally would on a conventional bike, so make sure the bike is as comfortable as possible. Ask one of our technicians to check your seating position. They will make sure there is no undue tension in the limbs or joints. Also, think about fitting a gel saddle and ergonomic grips which will help deal with ‘pressure spots’ in areas which you are in contact with the bike.

3)    Don’t be afraid of a heavy lock

E-bikes are a good investment and should be protected as such. Don’t rely on a lightweight cord as these can be cut through with little more than garden shears. Thanks to an e-bikes increased load carrying capacity, you can use a heavy-duty lock that would be too heavy to ride around with on a conventional bike. 

4)    Please don’t pressure wash your bike

It’s a very good idea to keep your e-bike clean but it’s a very bad idea to use a pressure washer to do so! If water is forced beyond the seals on the motor casing, it can do a lot of damage. A bucket of water and a sponge, or a low-pressure hose will be ok. If you’re going out in wet or muddy conditions, pre-treat your chain with wet lube.

5)    Ask about add-ons

Most customers find that they will find more and more excuses to use their e-bike and so end up coming back for accessories that will make those extra trips easier. For example, there are rear racks that can be taken on and off as required, lights that can be powered from your bike battery, and ‘dropper’ seatposts which can help you into the correct position for different riding. As always, ask a technician if these accessories will work with your bike.

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