Cheaper Commuting in London – Save 30% with Mix-Modal Commuting

Cheaper Commuting in London – Save 30% with Mix-Modal Commuting

Cheaper commuting in London is the ever present dream for thousands of workers in this great city. We’ve mentioned this before on the blog but it’s worth mentioning because it’s not just commuters who could benefit. If you can use an e-bike to avoid the Tube, the Congestion Charge, or inner city parking costs, why not?

The ‘Last Mile’ movement advocates the use of cycling to finish the last part (or mile) of your journey, usually the bit where you are struggling to find parking. This is a fantastic graphic from Roger Evans, a Greater London Assembly Member, showing how mixing up the modes of transport on your commute can save you money.

The interesting thing about this is that suggests that pay-as-you-go (PAYG) can be cheaper than an annual travelcard. Also cycling twice a week is associated with a 30% annual saving. You don’t even have to cycle the whole way. Just cutting out zone 1 from your PAYG costs can save serious money.

Other tips:

  • Buy your tickets at the ticket desk where possible as the cheapest available option may not appear on the ticket vending machines. New rules mean that the cheapest ticket must be offered via machines, but it may not be obvious.
  • Keep coffee a treat. Buying a coffee at the platform everyday can add up to serious spending. You don’t have to give up your daily pick-me-up though. Invest in a Thermos or similar hot drinks flask and take your own coffee.
  • Ask your employer if you can adjust your work hours. If you are travelling from zone 6 to zone 1, simply travelling after 9.30am in the morning can cut your ticket price almost in half.
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