3 ways e-bikes help you keep any resolution

3 ways e-bikes help you keep any resolution

This is the time of year when millions of people give up on their new year goals. What a shame that all the hopes and dreams that have been pinned to this new decade might end up in a heap of failure.

Here at Energise E-bikes, we think we have the answer. Inspired by our own customers, here are three things that can galvanise you to keep your resolutions alive.

Ask yourself why

The first thing we ask customers at our showrooms is, “Why are you looking for an electric bike?” It’s the best question to help us find the right bike for the customer. However, it also focusses the customer’s minds on what motivates them eg. I don’t want to be held back by hills, I want to cycle as fast as my partner does. I want to be someone who explores the Great Outdoors all year round. Once you know why you’re doing something, it becomes easier because there’s meaning and impetus behind every action.

Ask yourself when

Let’s say your ambition for 2020 is to cycle more. However, what does ‘cycle more’ mean? Does it mean 30 miles a week? Does it mean cycling an extra lap of the block before you park? The more specific your resolution is, the more likely you’ll do it. Our customers tend to choose a specific journey to use their electric bikes such as cycling between home and the train station. Follow their example. Specify when you’ll apply your new habits. ‘I will eat two fruits with breakfast every morning’ is easier for your brain to put into action than ‘I will eat more healthily’.


Lastly, and most importantly, make your resolution fun. Our customers cycle throughout the year and for a wide variety of reasons because they say their electric bikes are such fun to ride. If trying to attain your goal leaves you feeling drained and irritable, there is little hope that you’ll continue.

To summarise:

Ask why. List your reasons for giving yourself a new goal. The clearer the picture the better.

Plan when. Plan exactly when you’re going to carry out your new habits every week.

Have fun. Be creative and take a playful attitude to your new habit. That way it won’t feel like a chore.

If incorporating cycling into your life is your goal for 2020, let us know. Perhaps a new electric bike, or a service on your existing bike is the first step to achieving that.

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