3 Reasons Students and E-bikes are the Perfect Match

3 Reasons Students and E-bikes are the Perfect Match

Students from the Netherlands and Israel to Japan and China have embraced the electric bike as a fun and cost-effective way to enjoy college life. Here's why students and e-bikes are the perfect match...

1) Less cost more fun

For the price of annual car insurance, you could get yourself a decent e-bike. E-bikes have an incredibly running cost: no MOT, no petrol, no parking fees and need for insurance to be on the road. A full recharge of the battery pack costs no more than 10p of electricity.

2) Explore your new surroundings

If you’re at uni, chances are you’ve moved to a new city. Learning isn’t just done in the lecture halls, it’s done while exploring the real world too. Trust us, your university days go by much faster than you realise. You don’t want to get to graduation without getting the most out of your host city during your time.

E-bikes are the perfect way to explore. Able to go where cars, buses and trains can’t, and able to take you further than you could go on foot, an e-bike will help you see the parts of the city that may never have been on your radar otherwise.

3) Cycling makes you smarter

Repeated studies have shown that the combination of aerobic exercise and the stress-reducing effect of cycling helps increase circulation in your brain, and helps it create more connections between its neurons. Over time, this increases your brain’s capacity for learning.

In February, a study was jointly published by the universities of Reading, Cardiff, Oxford Brookes and The West of England which show that the high frequency of e-bike riders boosts these brain sharpening effects.

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