How to Travel with an E-bike

How to Travel with an E-bike

E-bikes are an ideal holiday companion. You can cover so much ground in a day and see far more of a new destination than you could on foot. It’s your very own tour bus except you set the schedule!

But how do you transport your e-bikes in the first place?

Rear Rack

If you are able to, we can highly recommend fitting a tow bar to your car and getting a tow-bar mounted bike rack. It is by far the easiest way to transport bikes around. We stock the Thule range of bike racks which are engineered to take the weight of most e-bikes and even if you have an e-bike with plus-size tyres, there are options to fit those too. They’re secure, strong and personally used by our staff.

No tow bar?

If you need to pack your bike in the back of your car, this can be made easier by taking out a wheel. This shortens the bike and allows the front end to be manoeuvred more easily. Many of the bikes we stock will come with a ‘quick release’ wheel. We can talk you through how to take that out. Give us a call or pop in to your nearest showroom. Always make sure not to pull your brake levers while the wheel is out. It is extremely tough to open the brake again if you do this. To avoid that from happening, you should use the brake spacers supplied with your bike. If you don’t have these, give us a call, we may have some you can use.

High Security Locks

The frustration of a stolen bike is multiplied if it happens while you’re on holiday. It isn’t worth taking risks when there are high security locks available from £30.  Look for a lock with Sold Secure Gold certification, which is often the minimum requirement for insurers. One of our best sellers is the ABUS Granite, which is extra strong, and also extra long, so if you have two e-bikes, they can be locked together.


If you have the Bosch Nyon display, make sure you have the correct maps installed. These can be done at home, but if you’re booking your bike in for a pre-holiday service, then you can ask your mechanic to load them on for you. Alternatively, you may wish to get a handlebar bag which has a transparent pocket on the top, which you can store your map or smartphone.

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