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Commuter electric bikes

Browse below for our electric commuter bikes. Chosen for their suitability for riding on the road, practicality and for day-to-day reliability, these electric commuter bikes will make you wonder why you ever got to work via any other method. 

Our Favourite Electric Commuter Bike Brands

Scott - A long standing favourite here at Energise E-bikes. Scott always manage to build electric bikes that feel ergonomically correct, comfortable and dependable. Our founder/director Ray has commuted on a Scott for almost 10 years. 

Gazelle - Designed for the fussy Dutch cycle market, we love these from both a design and engineering point of view. These are designed for daily riding and are extremely low-maintenance...another reason why they've become a customer favourite. 

Specialized - Californian design, Swiss engineering. The Specialized Turbo Vado range in particular is changing the way people see electric biking, with a 40% weight reduction that's great for people who need to manoeuvre their e-bikes in and out of storage. 

- - - Free 3 Year Servicing - - - 

Energise E-bikes is the only retailer offering a free 3 year servicing on electric bikes worth £80 a year. 

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Ideal electric bikes for commuters

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