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Cargo Electric Bikes

Electric cargo bikes are not just for delivery couriers. Whether carrying groceries, picnics, tools, sports gear or even children, the extra power from the motor makes riding with a full load a breeze. A cargo electric bike really is a true alternative to a car.

Our Favourite Electric Cargo Bike Brands

Tern - The real genius behind the Tern cargo bikes like the GSD and the HSD is that their length and width are basically the same as a regular bicycle. This makes them easy to transport and to steer through tight spaces. With Bosch motors, they are also extremely capable of carrying shopping or a passenger or two.

Bergamont - You can tell you're riding a Bergamont. Their designers understand that for most riders, comfort and steadiness are what makes the bike a pleasure to ride; not the speed.  The Bergamont E-Cargoville Bakery fits that same mould. Comfortable, balanced and crucially, strong enough to cycle with a full load of shopping on the front and back. 

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