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Folding Electric Bikes

If you need to carry your electric bike on a train, in a motorhome or need to store it in a tight space, a folding electric bike will meet the challenge. Even though they’re small, folding e-bikes can still pack a punch with the same motor as full-size, hub-motored e-bikes.

Our Favourite Folding Bike brands

Wisper - We've been stocking Wisper electric bikes since near the beginning of our business. In fact, you'll see one of our directors happily dashing around town on errands using his Wisper folder. We like them for a high build quality relative to its extremely attractive price.

E-Go - These are the lightest, most compact electric folding bikes we offer and they've been extremely popular because of that. Though they might be small, we have still been able to ride them up Cane Hill near our showroom in Coulsdon which provides a steep test for these little e-bikes. 

Tern - Real innovators in the electric bike world, Tern have been able to do what was once not possible: create a folding electric bike with a mid-drive motor. This gives these small bikes huge carrying power so you can use them for more jobs than just a short 'pootle around'. 

***Free 3 Years Servicing*** 

All electric bikes supplied by us come with
FREE 3 Years servicing worth £80 a year

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Wisper 806 Torque (575wh) electric folding bike

Price £1,799.00

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The Wisper 806 Torque is the folding electric bike with extra torque for steep climbs and a high capacity battery for longer range.

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