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Full-Sus Electric Bikes

Browse below for our electric full-suspension bikes. Full suspension electric MTB's feature the most powerful motors and batteries that are available, so you can finally be a true trail explorer.

Our Favourite Electric Full-Suspension Mountain Bikes Brands

Haibike - These electric mountain bikes are the descendants of genuine downhill beasts. Haibike were real innovators with electric mountain biking, bringing downhill bike geometry and incredibly resilient build quality to the slopes. 

Scott - For cross-country style electric mountain biking, Scott is probably our leading brand. The frame geometry is typically longer, and more stable at the base. This is best for longer, relatively uncomplicated, trails. If you'd like a full-suspension eMTB but are not a serious downhiller, this is a great brand.

- - - Free 3 Years Servicing - - - 

Energise E-bikes is the only retailer offering 3 Years free servicing on electric bikes worth £80 a year. 

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